Saturday, September 7, 2013

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Campaign for Bubblews

Hello Bubblews members! For sure this is not your only blogging site or posting site. If you have another blog site or posting site, I hope you share something wonderful about this site. This is because some people are getting bitter and saying bad things about this site and it could damage it. We cannot blame their emotion, we do not know what truly happens with them, however not all of their complains are valid. Like if they start to spread the word that Bubblews cannot afford to pay its members, I think that does not hold true for someone receiving their payment. Why is that so? I do believe we have different experiences with Bubblews, I am sorry if you have the bad experience. If you are not doing something illegal, you just need to follow up your redemption at In order to help this site, I think of a campaign. I will start to post my real experience here in Bubblews. I had a not so nice start with Bubblews but I refrain from partaking with exchanging likes and comments and then my I hardly have any problems with my redemption since then. I know Bubblews review my activity here before they pay me and if they know I am qualified they send eCheck. What we need to do is to spread to the online world that Bubblews is a one great site. Share your real experience. Share it all. If you haven’t received your first payment, but you received your 2nd, then share it there. if they do not reply to any of your follow-up emails, then share it there too. Bubblews might have flaws but it doesn’t mean the site done it alone. If Bubblews have hurt you, making your eyes turn into white waiting for their reply, tell it too. But this site isn’t a scam site, something just went wrong and believe me they are fixing it. If your patience is through, then be it. I understand how you feel I’ve been there, but it doesn’t make the site scam. You might not agree with me, you have your opinion. If you do not want to do it, I am not forcing you either, but me, I will share it to my blog. This is my campaign. I first written and blog at see the link below

How we can help the site to avoid the Internal Server error

I am not 100% sure of this but I get the idea through an Einstein mind of a friend, you know who you are. When the site is down, it doesn’t mean we get banned or they deleted us. There is something happening that slows down the server or a specific problem that the only Bubblews team can confirm with us. Internal server error mostly happens in the Philippine area. Again, it doesn’t mean we are banned. They are maybe fixing something or maybe because you have a massive likes in a short minute. This might cause the internal server error. If you click the Like button and after a second you click another Like button, then it means you don't read a post. It means you are only viewing it and because you are good friends with that connection you think they always deserves your like. That is not fair and even in the system of Bubblews. Read for a while, then if you like it, like it. If you have a fast working routine here in Bubblews, it slows down the system, so from now on, hold your horses. Also those spammers, who have massive likes is the primary reason why we get internal errors. They are partnered with certain software, that is the reason of massive likes. I believe Bubblews team already aware about this and we leave I up to them what will be the best for this one. I also want to add, if you have a connection that keeps on posting one liner and a picture, hit the flag and starts disconnecting so that it will not waste your time viewing them. They do not deserve your views. Separate yourself from them. Those people who keep on posting one liner post, because of their very short post they tend to post their blogs every second. This slows down the system too. The best idea is to refrain them from doing it. Post something on their profile page. Tell them to stop posting one liner. Give them a chance, I hope they’ll listen. This one is very easy to do, again, it needs your cooperation. Above are the possible reasons. We never want to have another week of down server isn’t it, so we need to cooperate. We need to start doing the right thing now. I first written and posted it at see the link below

One Liner poster you need to read this

You are attacking again? Maybe you, are new to blogging so that you treat this site as your another social network, but no, please stop doing it. This is a good platform for blogging, treat this as your online journal. I hope you start to observe other’s posts. Did you see how many numbers of words they’ve done? Some consist of 100 to 200 words, some even researched their post and they made 300 words or more. Does it hurt you to do it? If you do not know how to do it, ask around. You can ask me too, I am very willing to give you my time. Why I am posting this blog? This is because you are the primary reason of downed server. You are considered as a spammer. You ruin the productivity of the hard working poster on this site. You also ruin their estimated earnings once the site is down again. In simple words, you are hurting everyone of us. So you need to stop being a spammer. We like to give you a chance or else you want to get deleted? Make a choice. People have different stories, you have your own stories. Ops maybe you are not the type of person sharing your life, but the motto of this site is Speak your world, write your stories. Your stories do not mean your own stories, it should be the story of your friend, of a friend of a friend, your neighbor, your favorite movie, music, people, your crushes, your enemies, your favorite food, your unforgettable experiences, embarrassing moments and frustrations. You can share your problems and you will never know you can meet new people that will able to help you out. See, there are lots to share, you just need to try. Write in English. I am glad that Bubblews is not strict when it comes to grammar because when it does, I will be the first one to get kicked out here. Maybe you are shy to let the people know that you have poor grammar, just try to write. No one from here will tell you that your subject and verb do not correlate, that your preposition is wrong. Here, we speak freely. This is the best place to express ourselves. A lot of people are thankful when Bubblews came, I hope you do too. Make your experience here worthwhile. I first written and posted it at see the link below

Quality members of this site deserve to get paid

Not all of the members that are not receiving anything from their redemption are spammers. The month of November, there are issues with spammers here in Bubblews, I believe they are just accidentally getting involved in it. I know it because I have lots of connections that are still not receiving their first and second payment that I know have worked hard to post every day. What I am not sure of if they partake in exchanging likes and comments with some of their connections but I believe they learned their lesson so am I. What makes me sad is some lessens their activity because they are hurt. Most of them blog wonderfully. They add color to this site by expressing themselves. I feel sorry that I haven’t read anything since then since I found out they are not paid. They do not deserve this. Some already left because Bubblews do not care to reply on any of their complaints, according to them. If it happens to me too I might do the same thing. I just leave this site and find a site similar site. We cannot blame others getting bitter with the site. There is reason behind. When I was new, it has been more than 2 weeks that I haven’t received my first redeem. I made my 2nd redeem and I received it after 3 days. I had a feeling that there were problems occurred in the middle of my first redeem, because that was the time when the issue of spamming happened. I lost my faith of getting paid. It affects my activity here. I feel I do not belong here anymore. I feel that Bubblews do not want me to be here that is why I need to leave. But I stay, because of my friends. I love being here even if I did not get paid. But I cannot say I was not hurt, because I was. Good thing a good friend of mine instructed me to follow up my redemption at and the rest is history. Those members who haven’t received their payments, try to email them there. They replied to me once and after that I never had a problem in redeeming my payment. If you did nothing wrong, you will be going to be fine. Just follow up your redemption. Bubblews team will check your posts first before you get qualified that is what they say. I am praying for you to have long patience. I don’t want you to go anywhere. If you did not receive your first payout, continue posting until you reached your 2nd payout and try to redeem again, let us see what happen. Just let us know. Bubblews team I hope you reply to their follow-ups. &Bubblews &Arvind I first written and posted this at See link below

I received my eCheck from my 5th redemption

It is a success, I received my 5th redemption this morning Philippine time. Thanks again for everyone who makes this possible. Thanks for taking a time to view my post, like and leaving comments. Thanks for adding me as one of your connection so that you get a chance to view my every post. You know it is hard to create a topic that your reader will get the interest of reading it. I am glad that I have good friends here that always have time to read my post. This payment is for them. I hope I can able to post more, posting is not that easy, but this is what I love and this is one of my purpose. I found this site because it is destined to happen. I met people and it was destined to happen too. I will try my stay to be worthwhile. I will continue to pray that will be useful to other people and so as my posts. Happy bubbling. I first written and posted it at Check the link below

Monday, September 19, 2011

There is a money on ODESK?

I am little doubtful to try Odesk before because of the bidding thing and I have no knowledge regarding their interviews. Maybe I am just being coward because I do not know anything about ODESK. Many are getting paid even until now and when I just recently registered, I saw how many are being paid $1500 per hour. Do you imagine how much is that $1500 per hour if I converted it in Peso (our Philippine peso). It is big and I can leave what I am doing at present just to work at ODESK.

Of course, those people that are earning that big already had their more than three years experience. I even have a friend that just registered at ODESK last May and now she is earning P60,000 a month. Could you imagine that? This made me registered. Recently, I keep on applying for transcription jobs since that is the only job I can excellently do, however, there is a competition between the experienced one and the newbie me. I am waiting patiently to get an interview and to have a job at ODESK. It is a perfect part time job for those who have excellent grammar and knows all about computers. In no time, I know I will get a job there.

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